ContactSync - your automatic
Contact Cloud

What is the utilitas ContactSync and how does it make my life easier?

With the help of the ContactSync you can import shared contact details to the mailboxes of your staff or make them available to your business partners. It's possible to share and import contact details with Exchange Online as well as Exchange Server. Synchronization can be performed between Exchange Online and Exchange Server simultaneously. Once ContactSync has been configured synchronization takes place regularly and automatically. This allows you to access all your contact details at any time, from any device, even offline.

Ease of use / Sharing setup

For the setup of sharing individual users and distribution groups can be defined, Active Directory groups in Office 365 and address lists in Exchange Server can be selected, or all users can be enabled. Likewise business contacts can be shared. Each share is assigned to a specified target domain. Only the administrator of this target domain can synchronized the shared contact details. After the sharing is confirmed, an email is sent to the specified email address.

Manage imports

During the import process you can decide which users have access to your shared contact details. There you have the same options as in the share process. You can also inspect the configured imports and the history of recent synchronizations at any time. If needed you could delete an import and reversing the synchronization. Then, all imported contacts are be automatically erased.

Manage subscription

You can add new licenses at any time. Additional new licenses will be available to you immediately and billed monthly. You can subtract licenses at any time for the next period of payment.

An easy licensing system

It's free to share your own staff's contact details with other businesses. You only need a corresponding number of licenses for synchronizing your shared contact data. For every configured import one license per user per month is due.

Simple user interface

In order to guarantee an easy and intuitive service with ContactSync our designers have made a special effort to create a clear minimalist user interface.

ContactSync is fully responsive and usable with all devices. Even with a Microsoft Surface/Apple iPad you can create shares and receive imports while on the go.

You can get an impression of ContactSync under the 'Screenshots' button. If these pictures aren't enough you can create a free account at any time.